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A horizontal drum or accumulator is a drum located in horizontal position with usually no internals. Horizontal vessels are used to collect the overhead product from a fractionating tower. The overhead product is condensed and is transmitted back to the fractionation tower from which the fraction came. This liquid is referred to as the reflux.

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Horizontal Elliptical Vessel - Case-1 (DH < DW):




horizontal elliptical vessel
Case-1 (DH < DW). Change case to Case-2 (DH > DW)?


horizontal vessel horizontal vessel
Height of Ellipse = DH
Width of Ellipse = DW
Inside Diameter = D = 2R = DH
Length (TT) = L
Height = h

Volume (V) of Cylinder between TT-TT =

\small \bold{\color{blue} \left [ \left ( \frac{D}{2} \right )^2 \arccos \left ( \frac{\frac{D}{2} \ - \ h}{\frac{D}{2}} \right ) \ - \ \left ( \frac{D}{2} \ - \ h \right ) \sqrt[2]{Dh \ - \ h^2} \right ] \left( \frac{D_H}{D_W} \right) L }

Select Left and Right Heads!

Left Head:
Right Head:

Enter the variable values in below input boxes. Negative value of a means concave bottom.

Height of Ellipse (DH):
Width of Ellipse (DW):
Length (TT) (L) :
Height (h) :

RESULTS. Negative value or NaN means imaginer vessel. Check again your input.

Volume in Left Head:

Volume in Right Head:

Volume in Horizontal Vessel (TT):


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